Purified Water


Why drinking triple-filtered and purified water should be a vital part of your healthy daily diet

While having your mind boggled by the myriad methods of getting super healthy in super quick time, one simple truth usually escapes us: pure water is really good for you. Lots of it. All the time. It can do wonders that bogus remedies only dream of (but still market themselves as being able to do so).

But if the quality of the main ingredient of your health regimen is inferior then it pretty much negates the benefit of any other nutritious stuff you also consume. Why scoff a bag of pricey goji berries when you’re washing them down with yucky-tasting, suspect tap water?

So why is purified water better than any other alternatives? Here are our top five reasons:

1) Chlorine

chlorine pipes water treatment works

You know that stingy, pongy stuff they use to disinfect swimming pools? Yup – that’s also used to disinfect your drinking water. That’s why your tap water might taste a bit bitter and have a slight whiff that really shouldn’t be there. We really don’t fancy too much chemical disinfectant in our daily drink. A decent carbon filter will reduce the chlorine by 99%.

2) Dirty pipes

Your drinking water may be relatively free of loads of dirt when it leaves the water treatment works, but it travels a fair old distance before it gets to your taps. It could be travelling miles through rusty old pipes, and that’s even before it has to go through the pipework in your building – which could also be donkey’s years old.

Even though you can’t always see bits of rust, sand and other dirt coming out of your tap – it’s there. Take a look at this photo of what Virgin Pure’s filters pick up in a typical home:

Captured dirt in the Virgin Pure WaterBar mesh

3) Bacteria


Aside from the chemicals and dirt that can get in to your water, perhaps the scariest of all is the thought of microorganisms. Ee-euw, actual living little beasties lurking around stored water that can grow and breed. Ultraviolet purification zaps these little germs and stops them reproducing. This needs to be done once any chlorine has been removed.

Think about it – if you haven’t got chlorine in your drink then you can’t store it for too long or else bacteria will grow. So you really don’t want to be storing opened bottles of water or old jugs of filtered water because they could be swimming with germs.

4) Essential minerals

woman drinking water in the sunshine

You don’t want absolutely everything taken out of your water – because natural, pure water is healthy, right? It’s healthy because it packed full of essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium that your body needs.

Some people are going crazy right now for ‘reverse osmosis’ – but this method of purification takes everything out of the water – even the essential minerals, so where’s the good in that?

Purifying your mains water on demand the Virgin way and leaving in the essential minerals means it’s like having mineral water on tap.

5) Taste and smell


Why is it that some of the healthiest things in life taste so awful? Spoonful of spirulina anyone? Shot of wheatgrass? No one can accuse quinoa of provoking a taste sensation and a topping of flaxseed certainly doesn’t make your mouth water.

We should be willing to guzzle water by the gallon in the quest to be healthier but substandard water just doesn’t taste that great – and water really should be tasty. You should enjoy drinking it.

A bit of something you like is good for you. Therefore, if it’s good for your health to treat your taste buds and not offend your nostrils, then tasting great is a scientific-enough health benefit for us.

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