Post-Operative Care

Here at Beauty & Body Contour, we strive to help you be successful both before and after surgery. Once surgery has been completed, permanent changes to your eating habits must be learned and implemented for successful weight loss.

Here are some generally accepted guidelines a weight loss surgery patient can expect to encounter:

  • When you eat solid food, it is important that you chew everything carefully; especially for meals that include meat, as it cannot be swallowed unless it is chewed or ground thoroughly.
  • You should not drink fluids while eating your meal. Keep them separated.
  • Exclude desserts and other items with high amounts of sugar.
  • Skip on carbonated drinks, high-calorie nutritional supplements, milk shakes, high-fat foods, and foods with high fiber content.
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Lastly, limit the snacking between meals.

*It is important to remember that every surgeon and every patient is different. What is most important is that you follow our surgeon’s recommended guidelines as closely as possible.


According to your post-operative physical condition, your ability to resume presurgery levels of activity will vary. The general nature of the activity and the type of bariatric surgery you underwent are the main issues in deciding this factor. Many patients are able to return to their full activity level at around six weeks following the procedure. However, patients here at Beauty & Body Contour, who undergo a laparoscopic procedure, are able to return within a few weeks.

Long-Term Follow Up:

It is easy to see how patients must alter their lifestyle in the short term, however, there is also the long term. Tests to monitor your progress are given every three to six months, or as needed immediately following the surgery, then this number drops to every one to two years. Follow-up care is not only suggested but recommended for life; especially if you are a patient with a Realize Adjustable Band, periodic check-ups are required in order to re-adjust the band accordingly.

Exercise Tips:

*1-6 Months After Surgery

As a recovering patient, you should pick up or resume an exercise regimen two to three weeks after surgery. The goal is to increase and obtain a greater range of motion so you can do things like take off your shoes, for example, and pick things up off the ground. Although simple, one must regain these skills and strengthen them. Strength-training exercises are vital as well because as you lose weight you will lose muscle. The goal should be about 30 minutes of exercise three to five days a week, especially by the six months mark. Here are some recommendations for exercise during this stage:

Walking, biking, or swimming, paired with resistance training with dumbbells, weight bands, or gym machines to help build and maintain muscle mass.

*6 -12 Months After Surgery

A year after surgery; you should be able to perform about 45 minutes of exercise at least four times a week. Varying workouts are significant so that your body is constantly challenged in different ways. Strengthening the stomach muscles is also important because it helps improve your posture, which changes as you lose weight. Here are some recommendations for exercise during this stage:

Yoga, dancing, aerobics, or kickboxing (for 45 minutes, four times a week).

Resistance training using dumbbells while sitting on a balance ball, helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

*1 Year and beyond, After Surgery (Long-term Maintenance)

Now that more than a year has passed since surgery, you’ve almost certainly lost more than 100 pounds. Although there has been a drastic change, this does not mean that you no longer need to exercise. Exercise is not an option, it is a must. It is the difference between a successful or unsuccessful New You. At this stage, the recommendation for exercise is the same as anybody else:

Hiking, running, or bicycling is always recommended. Take your exercise outdoors and be proud of the New You! See how good it feels to be physically fit! Enjoy you new outlook on how you live each day!