Face Lift

Age, sun exposure, and genetics all contribute to skin changes. Wrinkles start to form, jaw lines soften and excess skin beneath the chin starts to sag.  At Lifetime Weight Loss we strive to create a rejuvenated natural appearance rather than an overly tightened result. The goal is to replace the tissues in their proper place. The scars are virtually invisible and well hidden.

Neck Lift

A necklift procedure can tighten and smooth out the skin on the neck to provide a more toned and youthful appearance.  Liposuction can also be used in combination with a neck lift to remove excess fat.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid rejuvenation can remove the tired appearance and the droopiness of the eyelids.  The incision is well hidden and often it can be performed in union with a brow lift.  It can open up the eyes creating a softer facial expression. For smaller, or more almond shaped eyes, it can give the appearance of larger, brighter eyes.

Rhinoplasty (Nose)

The most prominent feature of the face is the nose.  Rhinoplasty can shorten, build up, tilt up and straighten the nose.  Our plastic surgeons can help you achieve a more balanced and beautiful face through rhinoplasty.