Post Bariatric Body Contouring

Approximately 220,000 bariactric, or weight loss procedures are performed every year in the United States. As a result, this leaves many patients with excess skin, and sometimes even unwanted cosmetic results.

Despite the significant amount of weight loss surgeries performed, only a small number of these patients undergo post operative body contouring. This is mostly due to the lack of pre and post operative counseling, which we here at Beauty & Body Contour would like to change. At Beauty & Body Contour, every one of our patients will have direct access to our surgeons at any time to have their questions and concerns addressed and answered. We are one center that offers two specialties, which in turn offers patients a comprehensive program on not only bariactrics, but body contouring as well. Our surgeons are board certified, fellowship trained, and among the elite in their field.

At Lifetime Weight Loss we combine the art of weight loss surgery and plastic surgery to give you that beautiful contoured look that you desire. Patients who have undergone bariatric surgery and have experienced subsequent weight loss have numerous but similar areas of concern. These include:

1.    Breast choppiness/sagging, as well as a loss of breast volume. For women, breast lift surgery is a procedure to lift the breasts can be performed with or without implants to improve the shape. For men, breast reduction may help to achieve a more natural look.

2.    Facial skin sagging can also occur, requiring Facelift, eyelid surgery to improve the skin tone and help eliminate those unwanted wrinkles

3.    The abdominal pouch from excess abdominal skin and a laxity of the muscles of the abdominal wall can follow after significant weight loss. Tummy Tuck Surgery in combination with specific regions of liposuction can contour the abdomen, hip, buttocks and thigh.